How to use Pinterest for homeschool planning


Pinterest is perhaps my favorite part of the internet. While I enjoy the conveniences that come from having the world at my fingertips, there is something so happy and exciting about logging on to Pinterest. A whole site devoted to everything I want to try? Yes please! Plus, it allows me to indulge my need to organize – everything gets its own place. (And unlike my house, things stay put!) If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, I highly recommend it, especially for homeschoolers! Think of it as an online filing cabinet of ideas. I use Pinterest heavily all year round, (you can see my boards here) but it has become indispensable to me for planning my school year. There are many ways to plan with Pinterest, but here’s how I do it:

1. I create a board for the specific school year. This is where I pin links to the specific curriculum I am considering. I use the comments section to note anything particular about that book or program that I want to remember or research further. I create this board many months ahead of time and pin to it as I find things.

2. I have boards specific to each of our major school subjects. This is where I pin things throughout the year as I see them on other blogs or through surfing the Education section on Pinterest. Sometimes I don’t read the whole post, but I pin it anyway for future reference.

3. Whenever I repin something, I take a look at the others who have pinned it in the pop up that appears after you successfully repin. I click through to their board and take a quick look around. If there are several pins there that appeal to me, I follow that board. That way any time they pin something to that particular board it will appear in my home feed. This saves me research time. I also go to that person’s main page and see if there are any other boards I might want to follow.

When it comes time to sit down and make decisions for the year I go back first to my specific school year board. I usually have more than one curriculum pinned for history, Bible study, and writing. I pick one of them and look at each of my pins for that subject. This helps me to compare the differences and answer any questions I mentioned in my comments so that I can come to a final decision.

Once all of our books are decided on, I head over to my subject boards to see what fun activities I can add into my lesson plan. For example, this year we are going to study the Middle Ages, so I have crafts, videos, and pictures pinned to my Middle Ages Pinterest board.
By keeping all of my ideas online in my Pinterest boards I know exactly where to find them, and I can access them from anywhere. I do recommend that you make your homeschool boards as specific as possible to make it easier to find things later on. It’s no fun to scroll through 700 pins to find the one you want! Happy pinning!