Memorial Day Lesson Ideas

memorial day lesson

Memorial Day is coming soon, so here is a round up of lesson ideas for you to incorporate into your homeschool plans.  I always like to create a Pinterest board when I’m trying to keep track of ideas for a specific topic.  You can find most of these on my American History board. These Memorial Day lesson ideas include virtual field trips, history on the holiday itself as well as our most famous war memorials, and crafts.

Memorial Day Lesson Crafts & Activities

memorial day lesson

I love this free Memorial Day handwriting worksheet at StartWrite.  It’s a great little warm up activity.



Jenny K has created one of the coolest art projects I’ve ever seen called an agamograph.  She has a video explaining them as well as a special project just for Memorial Day.  I can’t wait to try this! She also has some patriotic coloring sheets available to download. has collected a list of 15 patriotic crafts here that look like fun.

LMNTree has a great list here of fun books and crafts for Memorial Day lessons that are free.

History of Memorial Day has an incredible compilation of videos, photos, and information on the history of the holiday.

memorial day lesson




This graphic from the Huffington Post is a wonderful visual of facts around Memorial Day.




The Department of Veterans Affairs also has information on the history of the holiday.

War Memorials

There are many great war memorials all around the country. Below are the sites for the major memorials in Washington D.C.  Many have virtual tours you can use as a virtual field trip if you don’t live in the D.C. area.

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The DC War Memorial

The National WWII Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery has a page where you can see listings of famous veterans interred there.

How will you incorporate Memorial Day lessons into your homeschool?  What great ideas do you do with your kids to honor our nation’s fallen soldiers?

memorial day lesson