My new method for keeping homeschool grades

Last year I really felt like I wanted to keep a cumulative record of the grades my kids were earning on the subjects where we have tests. I know looking forward to high school we will have to start keeping a GPA, and I thought that it was time to start that process in a small way. Mainly the kids were earning grades on spelling tests, grammar quizzes, reading comp quizzes, and science tests.

I set up a spreadsheet for each child with these subjects down the rows. I printed out the blank sheet and filled it in as we went. What I found was that I was not so great at stopping to figure the overall grade each semester. By the end of the year I had abandoned it because it wasn’t doing what I wanted.

I was having coffee with one of my best friends the other night (who is a wealth of information and great ideas!) and she showed me a new app she had downloaded for her iPad. Called Homeschool Helper, this cute little app is a planner and record book all in one. You can enter field trips, lesson plans, grades, attendance and more – all for $5.

Main screen

Main screen

I was a little hesitant to try any online planner – I had a bad experience last year when I bought an online homeschool planner that never did deliver what it was supposed to. However, after clicking around on my friend’s app, I was hooked.

I am much happier using my own paper lesson plans, but I am using this app for my grades. In about 15 minutes I was able to add both kiddos and all the subjects that I will be tracking grades for. You can even weight the different items so that tests hold more weight than quizzes and so forth.

Student snapshot screen

Student snapshot screen

The app includes a great help section that is full of videos for all your FAQs. Best of all, as soon as I enter the grades, it instantly gives me their cumulative grade. I just love it when technology does the hard work for me!

Note: these images are screenshots from my personal Homeschool Helper app. All copyrights are theirs.

For those of you who keep track of grades, how do you do it?

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