Children’s Bible Study Old Testament

I’m excited to release a children’s bible study that I’ve been working on!  In our homeschool, bible study/curriculum is a subject just like math or science, and I struggled to find a study for my kids when they were in early elementary.  I wanted something simple enough that they could do somewhat independently, but also one that made them think about what they had just read.  One that would help them to understand not only the bible story but also what God is teaching us about His character thru the story. So what to do but create one? 🙂

children's bible study

We used The Beginner’s Bible as our textbook, but you can use any children’s bible or your family’s favorite translation. I wanted this to be a more independent activity so we used The Beginner’s Bible since it is written to the children and is full of fun illustrations and bright colors.

What’s Inside

Each lesson corresponds to a major event or character in the Old Testament, and has a memory verse that emphasizes the theme of the lesson.  The answer lines are widely spaced to allow little hands to have plenty of room to write.

There are 45 lessons and 95 pages in the Old Testament Children’s Bible Study.  This allows you to use 1-2 lessons a week for a full school year course, or you can do 1 each week plus a few of your own as a weekly family devotional.  At the end of the course, your child will have learned of God’s great works and character, and memorized 45 verses in the process! You can purchase the bible study as well as see my other items in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I plan to add a New Testament bible study for children soon.

What other curriculum have you struggled to find for your homeschooler?

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