Throwback Thursday: Spartan Helmets

Every now and then I like to look back on things we did in past homeschool years. First, I always enjoy a good trip down memory lane, and second, when I take a moment to remember all that we have done, it encourages me. Sometimes I get a panicked feeling that the kids aren’t learning all they should be or that I’m not teaching them anything. (I know, my mind runs rampant and is quite dramatic. Fortunately, it doesn’t do this to me often). Looking back helps me to calm down and feel confident in what we’re doing here.

ANYWAY, this fun little project was a favorite of ours when we studied the ancients last year. We took cereal boxes and used the templates they gave us to cut out the parts of our Spartan helmets. Next, we used duct tape (never in short supply around this house) to cover the pieces and assemble the helmets.

Our decorations were completely historically inaccurate, but I’m okay with the occasional artistic license. My son chose the route of a crusader with a white helmet emblazoned with a large cross in red. My daughter, on the other hand went for the Sassy Spartan look with this kaleidoscope of colors. I say we can count this as art and history at the same time!