Special Field Trips: Homeschool Days


For the couple of years my kids were in public school, they got to take some really neat field trips, and for some great prices. For example, there is an alligator farm near us that has regular admission at around $20, but on a field trip we only paid $7. I was bummed to not get the special school rates until I did a little digging around. Turns out, homeschoolers often get the same or better rates! All of the major theme parks have homeschool days that not only offer special discounts but also really great classes that give them behind the scenes education. Several museums near us allow homeschoolers to download education guides for their exhibits and get group rates with just a small group. I’ve listed some of the biggies below, but if you search on the websites of attractions near you, you might just find hidden deals that are not well advertised. I often find them on the education page.

Disney Homeschool Days: Disney offers classes before the park opens that discuss science, animation, and agriculture and how those who work at Disney use them. The price of the class includes admission to the parks.

Universal Studios: Universal requires a group of 15 to get the discount, but if you have a few families join in it’s a great discount.

Kennedy Space Center: The Space Center has a homeschool day in October that grants you behind the scenes tours and a meeting with an astronaut.

Busch Gardens: During September, Busch Gardens has a special discount for homeschoolers, and they have several educational programs all year.

The Biltmore Estate: One of my favorite places anywhere, the Biltmore has a homeschool festival in the fall that includes several activities on their farm as well as a tour of the fabulous mansion.

Fort Menendez St. Augustine: This very cool recreation of a Spanish settlement in St. Augustine is one of our favorite places to go. During January they do a homeschool event with even more crafts and experiences. We’ve made our own candles, spun twine for rope, and played a type of checkers that the Spanish settlers played in the 1600s.

LegoLand: LegoLand has an amazing offer for homeschoolers that allows you to come to the park for only $8 a student!

As I said, these are some of the biggies near us, but if you look around online you’ll find tons of resources and discounts that are available to us as homeschoolers.


  1. I just found your blog searching for other ways to incorporate Konos (left a comment on another post) then had to click on tag for field trips. Didn’t realize you were a fellow Floridian!! I heard LegoLand was $8 only on Mondays?? And you had to have proof of homeschooling? We are planning to go as soon as it cools down a little. And I didn’t realize that Universal offered discounts! We used to have Busch Garden annual passes and went at least once a month but now we just have a MOSI pass. Planning on a trip sometime this month with their reciprocal swap – Lowry Park Zoo and the Tampa Aquarium. We’ve been to the aquarium before but its been a few years and my youngest doesn’t remember. Nice to “meet” another FL hs’er/blogger/Konos user 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you too! 🙂 We are super blessed to have all these great attractions in our backyard!