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As I mentioned in my earlier post, I took some great classes at our local homeschool convention. One of the most outstanding was a class on preparing for homeschooling high school and how to get scholarship money for college taught by Jean Burk from College Prep Genius.

Workbook and DVD from CollegePrepGenius

Workbook and DVD from CollegePrepGenius

Jean was a homeschool mom who decided to find out all she could on the SAT and PSAT tests to help her oldest get into college, and to attend for as little as possible. Her research resulted in a full ride to just about any college he wanted – in fact she said they threw away 7 garbage bags of acceptance letters! What Jean found was not that your child has to be a genius to get these high scores and awards, but that he or she needs to understand how the test is written.

Unlike the ACT, which is a content based exam, the SAT is a logic based test. This means that there is a way to think critically through the question asked and answers provided WITHOUT having to ‘know’ the math formulas or the vocabulary. I was skeptical at first, but Jean walked us through several examples in the lecture and I understood exactly what she was saying! In fact, later at her booth I was joking with her that I was relieved I no longer needed to teach my kids higher math. 🙂 (If only that was so!) What this means is that the kids can actually learn the test, and by doing so score much higher. Higher scores means more money for college. I like those words. has several products to help prepare your kids for the SAT. I purchased the ‘kit’ that includes a DVD with classes on it, a workbook that teaches the SAT and has sample questions, her book on high school preparation, and 6 fiction books that are full of vocabulary words often tested on the SAT. You can get these items individually as well. I just got them in the mail a couple of days ago, and after looking through everything I have been really impressed.

You may wonder why I am worrying about the SAT now when my oldest is only a rising 8th grader. First, I’m always looking ahead and I figured that the more practice the kids have with these tests, the better they will score. 9th grade is only a year away for us, so why not give her time to get a feel for the test before hand? Secondly, if you participate in Duke’s TIP program, they actually begin giving the kids the real SAT in 7th grade. My oldest will be doing that in December, so it makes sense to start preparing for it a little bit now.

There are lots of test prep classes and techniques out there. So far, I have been really impressed with everything I have seen from Jean Burk. The true test will be in our ultimate scores, but I know if nothing else going through this course will take away some of the test anxiety they might have otherwise felt. Plus, going through the DVD course and all the practice testing will give the kids a semester high school credit for test prep too.

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Do any of you have experience with this course or another test prep?

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