Our Curriculum For 7th grade

This year Wild Man is doing 7th grade for homeschool. (How it’s possible that he’s that old I still can’t figure out!) We started our school year in the middle of August, but we are on a short break now due to a co-op field trip and Boy Scout campout. We will be back to the grindstone on Monday.

Below I’ve listed his curriculum, my reasons for choosing it, and how it’s working so far:

Grammar: Abeka Grammar C
This is our last year for formal grammar. I start literature in 8th grade. I find Abeka’s grammar books to be really great. In true Abeka style they cover a lot of information and give ample opportunity for review of the material. The lessons are printed with lots of colors and illustrations and are broken up into small enough chunks that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. We’ve used Abeka grammar from the very beginning and I’m always pleased with the results. As a side note, since we do a formal writing program I don’t do the chapters on writing in the grammar book.

Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science.
Apologia Science is another curriculum that we have used since the beginning and just love. These books are very heavy on scientific facts and on teaching the students how to properly document their scientific experiments. We use the student notebooks to keep things simple and all in one spot. I also HIGHLY recommend the lab kits from Nature’s Workshop. They are a big investment up front, but the time it saves me not having to run around all over trying to find what we need for experiments is worth it to me.

Math: Math Mammoth 6
We found this curriculum late last year based on my BFF’s recommendation and we are continuing it this year. This is a really thorough and intensive math program, and I feel like Wild Man will be really prepared for Algebra next year.

Bible: Wise Up
This is a year long walk through Proverbs and includes weekly tests as well as Scripture Memory. I felt like Middle School was a good time to stop and take an in-depth look at what wisdom means and looks like. So far it has been challenging to him and the lessons have sparked some great discussions.

Logic: The Fallacy Detective
I used this book with Sassy when she was in 7th grade and really enjoyed it. My favorite thing is that it shows real life examples of the different fallacies which makes them so much easier to understand. I also really like the thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. No simple fill in the blanks here!

Writing: IEW Medieval History
Since we are studying the Middle Ages in history this year, Wild Man decided he wanted to do the corresponding IEW writing unit. This is a particularly good one for boys since many of the writing assignments are about wars and great battles. He loves coming up with quality adjectives and verbs to describe the great kings and their conquests.

Spelling: The Phonetic Zoo
We are continuing through the zoo cards this year. Since it’s a 3 year program we can just pick up right where we left off last year. My son didn’t like listening to the recordings, so I just do the verbal component for him. This spelling program has made a HUGE difference for us!!

History: The Classical Historian Medieval History
I am doing this with both kids. What drew me to the program was the idea of teaching history from a Socratic method perspective. So far we have REALLY enjoyed this program! They love getting to explain their position for why they chose an answer, and I feel they are really learning how to view all media around them. In the beginning you are learning the tools of the historian, so there’s not as much actual history. I have added little projects to their weekly assignments to supplement this.

Geography: Abeka World Geography
This is a high school level curriculum, and both kids are doing it together. It’s only a half credit class, so we will be done right at Christmas break. It’s been a really great class to help them learn how to study for tests and how to determine a good way to manage study time. There are multiple quizzes, map projects, and chapter tests, so this class keeps us busy. I’m learning a lot right along with them, and I am incorporating Windows to the World where I can to bring in a mission focus as well with specific prayer requests for the people groups in the areas we study.

Business: Bluestocking Press Books
For the second half of the year. Wild Man, (who wants to be an entrepreneur of some sort), wanted to study business more in depth. The little books by Bluestocking Press are perfect for this. We are going through the entrepreneur series, and being a business major myself I’m itching to read these!

The year is still very young, but I feel like we are finally getting in our groove. It’s been a jump up for both kids academically this year, but they are doing great and settling in just fine.