My Top Ten Homeschool School Supplies

You should know something about me right up front: I LOVE office and school supplies.  Back to school shopping was the highlight of my summer when I was a kid.  I love all the crisp, clean white pages, the sparkly pencils, and the color coded tabs.  Even though I don’t have to do much in the way of school supply shopping for homeschool, there are a few essentials that I just can’t school without.

10 School Supplies 1. Notebook paper (well duh)

2. Erasers – no matter how many we start off with, we seem to always be in need of more erasers

3. 3 ring binders – we use these to keep our papers organized during the year for spelling/vocab tests, math, history, and writing

4.  iPad – I use YouTube quite frequently in our lessons, and having the iPad right there to pull things up is super handy

5. Student planners – I write out the week’s lessons for the kids so they know what they are responsible for. Planners make this easy.

6. Pencils – we use both the mechanical and the traditional.  I like a regular pencil but my son especially likes mechanical ones.

7. Pencil sharpener – I have an electric one plugged in behind a decorative plate in our kitchen for easy access.

8. Construction paper – the use for good ol’ colored paper is endless.  We are always pulling out a sheet or two to make something.

9. Clay – we use the Crayola kind that doesn’t harden to make things we learn in science, history, and art.

10. Coffee – okay, so maybe you can’t buy this in the stationery aisle at Target, but our homeschool would not happen if I didn’t have my trusty java sidekick!

Do you find that your school supply budget is really low for homeschool?  What kinds of things can you not live without?



  1. Some of my must haves are similar to yours. I think I would have to say computers, paper, comb binder, pencils, caffeine of some sort, Student Planners, erasers, Android Tablets, Highlighters, and Printer. Those are not in order of course.

  2. Can anyone homeschool without caffeine? 😉 I know I can’t!