Homeschool High School Curriculum and Help from the Convention

I spent all day yesterday at a local homeschool convention. It was my first time attending any kind of homeschool specific convention. We were able to attend training, classes, and visit with vendors directly in the main hall.

Since I already purchased the majority of our curriculum, I wasn’t worried so much about making it to the vendor hall, but I’m glad I did. There were a lot of new vendors there with some really great products and ideas, especially for high school. Since I have a rising 8th grader (curriculum wise) I’m all about high school and college prep planning right now. Over the next few days I’ll discuss in more detail what I learned at my classes, but today I wanted to provide a round-up of some of the great services and products I saw.

High School Bible Curriculum:

Practical Proverbs: This book is also available for younger students. Organized by character traits, the students walk through the Proverbs and learn what they mean practically. For example, what does it mean to a teenager to guard their heart? How do they do that in real life?

Cat and Dog Theology: I got to talk to these guys for a while at the convention, and I just LOVE this curriculum! They manage to teach very convicting truths in a funny way using cats and dogs. It’s by no means light on the theology or juvenile, and I believe that adults would really enjoy and benefit from this as well. The first year is available now, and they are releasing the next 3 years’ worth of curriculum in a phased timeframe.

High School Planning:

I already knew how important creating a good and comprehensive high school transcript is, and I realize there are a lot of people who find this intimidating. There are several great ladies out there who have books that walk you step by step through this process. Two of which I have talked to personally are:

Barb at
Joanne with Piecing Together the High School Puzzle

High School Curriculum:

I took a class sponsored by, and I like his emphasis on explaining the ‘why’ of mathematics as well as his ideas on the proper progression of math subjects. The math is taught via video, which can be more engaging to the student. I’m looking into this a little more, and I have it in my idea file to see if I’m going to stick with Life of Fred for high school math or switch.

I am working on our high school plan based on what my daughter wants to do for college, and I’ll share more of how I’m doing that in another post. In the meantime, I have created a Pinterest board where I am bookmarking these curriculum ideas to reference later.


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