American History Semester 1 Plan

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As I mentioned earlier, we are trying out a school schedule this year of (6) 6 week semesters with at least a 1 week break in between. I also mentioned in this post that I am using The History of Us books, Konos, and movies for our homeschool American History ‘texts’ this year. Below I have the plan for semester 1, which will start with Book 2 of the series, Making 13 Colonies.

Week 1:
-Read chapters 1-7 History of Us Book 2 Making 13 Colonies(HOU)
-Konos activities:
—Vol 1 AT: pg. 63 #5c, make rug pg. 70, pg. 71 #t
—Vol 2 RB: pg. 50 make and eat gruel, pg. 51 make wattle & daub wall, pg. 51 #7, make Jamestown newspaper pg. 52 #14

Week 2:
-Read chapters 8-14 HOU
-Konos activities:
—Vol 2 RB: pg. 56-60 #34, #36-38, #40, #51, #54, #60
—Read actual Mayflower Compact
—Watch Mayflower video on History Channel

Week 3:
-Read chapters 15-21
—make our own bread and butter
—Do a biography on William Penn

Week 4:
-Read chapters 22-28
-Konos Activities:
—Vol 2 RB: pg. 68-73 #74, #80, #83
—make our own vegetable dye and dye fabric

Week 5:
-Read chapters 29-35
—visit local plantation museum
—watch clip from National Treasure about the original Wall Street

Week 6:
-Read chapters 36-41
—make corn muffins from scratch
—Watch Rebels video

As we work through these activities I’ll post pictures and more in depth tutorials. Just a few more weeks until we begin!