FREE World History Curriculum

WH Curriculum

I just stumbled across a website while following a rabbit trail tonight and I had to share! World History For Us All (WHFUA) is a project created out of UCLA and San Diego University that is a complete and comprehensive free online curriculum geared towards high schoolers.  And it’s AWESOME.

The site organizes the vast topic of world history into 9 Big Eras.  (Note: WHFUA does hold to a humanistic and evolutionary point of view – particularly in the early eras.)  Each era is then broken down into lessons categorized as “panoramic”, “landscape,” and “close up.”  The idea is that the student gets a high level overview in the panoramic lessons, more in-depth information as the teacher chooses (or time allows) in the landscape lessons, and then further enrichment in the optional close up lessons.

Most units have a final assessment suggestion that requires lots of analysis and synthesis from the student on what they have learned.  Each era focuses on 7 key areas of interaction and change that would be very helpful for AP students.  There are several projects, presentations, map activities, research opportunities, and crafts that will allow all learning types and interests to flourish.

Considering that most high school world history texts are over $100, and that the subject itself is overwhelming to organize and teach, this site is truly a gem.  All the lessons are available in a pdf download, and are complete with student handouts, power point presentations, and project instructions.

If you’ve been struggling to find a challenging and engaging world history curriculum, World History For Us All might just be what you’ve been looking for!