Creating the entire year’s lesson plan at one time

As I mentioned in my planning post for this year, I am creating the lesson plans for each subject all at once before the school year starts, and I’ve created a free homeschool assignment sheet that you can download at the end of the post.

How I’m using the assignment sheet:

Right now I am going through book by book and creating a Word document for each that lists the day of the school year and the assignment:

Sample of the blank template

Sample of the blank template

In the header I will list the child and subject so that I can easily identify it later in the year.  The day column is numbered 1-180 for each school day. (Not all of our books take all 180 days, and my state doesn’t require a specific number of days, but I like to have an idea how many days we will devote to a subject.)  The pages column is where I list the pages in their text/journal that they need to read and work on.  The topic column is where I list a few words describing the topic covered.

I listed the school day by numbers rather than dates for a specific reason: my homeschool is not operated in a controlled environment.  While I may plan a full 5 day week of school, there are days where everyone wakes up sick, or an impromptu field trip opportunity arises, or any number of things interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂  By numbering the school days, I can more easily adapt to these interruptions by simply assigning the next day’s work rather than trying to find my lessons in a calendar form.  Another helpful feature of assigning this way is that we never move through each subject at the same speed.  For example, our Life of Fred math books operate from a mastery standpoint.  They might need 2 days on a lesson, or if they are struggling through the bridge exams, I might make them repeat some lessons already done.  In contrast, we move through our spelling books at a lesson a day pace almost without exception.  By moving through each subject in a numbered fashion, it is easy for me to let the kids work at the pace they need without me losing track of where we are in the overall plan.

Perhaps the most important feature of my planning template is the check box column.  This allows me to check off each lesson as it’s COMPLETED so I know right where to pick up in assigning the next week.  This is a huge time-saver for me as it allows me to write their lessons in their planners quickly.

You can download this FREE homeschool assignment sheet below in Word format which will allow you to modify it for your own needs.

free homeschool assignment sheet

Free Homeschool Assignment Sheet Download


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