Top Tips for Visual Learners

Is your child a visual learner?  Here are some quick tips and ideas to help your visual child better understand and retain information:


  • Give your child written instructions rather than oral
  • Show your child a picture or painting about the subject to reinforce the material
  • Draw a diagram or write down the example when trying to explain a concept
  • Have your child make or use flash cards for memorization
  • Have them find the country or culture you are discussing on a map or globe
  • Group ideas or concepts together in bullets

Ideas for visual learners

  • Check out a National Geographic or other documentary from the library on your subject for additional reinforcement
  • When reading aloud, have your child sit next to you and read along with you
  • For history and science lessons, be sure to have pictures that go along with your topic
  • Use manipulatives to help explain math concepts
  • For foreign languages, put a picture of the object on the flash card with the word.
  • Use color coding when possible. For example, when teaching the parts of speech, make a worksheet that lists the verbs in purple and the nouns in green.