Our Homeschool US Geography Curriculum Plan

Since we are studying American History this year, I thought it was only appropriate to study the 50 states as well. I looked for a homeschool US geography curriculum that was already done, but most of what I found was either for young children or concentrated on North American topography rather than the states themselves. So….I decided to piece together my own.

Studying geography isn’t the most exciting thing in the world if you just stare at maps and memorize capitals, and I we’ve done enough map work in previous years that I didn’t feel it needed to be a huge focus of our efforts. Instead, my goal is to give them an appreciation for each state’s uniqueness, how it fits into our American story, and how richly God has blessed this land with natural resources. Of course I want them to be able to place the states on a map and know the 50 capitals, but I think an understanding of our nation’s geography and resources is just as important.

I have divided the states into 6 major regions, and we will study 1 region per semester, which equates to 1-2 states per week. For our texts we check out books from the library on the individual states. Each week we will fill out these 2 awesome free journal pages I found on Pinterest and make a recipe that represents that state. Imagine my excitement when The Dating Divas posted this super cute Big Bite Passport! It’s supposed to be used for date night where you and your hubby can rate new restaurants you go to, but we are using it to rate each state’s recipe. The kids really love this, and I think it’s another fun way to make what we’re studying come to life.

I have found several recipes that we can use on AllRecipes.com. They have a category system of state recipes – who knew?

For our first semester we are studying the Northeast. This past week we were learning about Pennsylvania, so we made a Dutch pancake dessert. Both kids rated it 3 forks! Any time dessert can be part of learning, I’m all for it! 😉